The host family is paid minimum amount of 8,000 yen (8,640 yen tax included) per one-night stay with two meals.

・As a deposit, we keep 2,840 yen (tax included) at the time of booking, then we transfer the amount of 2,840 yen (tax included) to the host later in the end of the next month (within four or five weeks) after the guest actually stayed at the host.

・The guest pays the full balance of 5,800 yen (tax included) directly to the host on site.

・If the guest should cancel the stay after paying the deposit, we transfer the maximum amount of 2,840 yen (tax included) from the deposit to the host. The amount of payment in case of cancellation differs depends on when the guest cancels the booking.

・If the guest stays more than one night, the total payment to the host is as follows: For the second night: 9,000 yen (9,720 yen tax included) For the third night (and the subsequent nights per one-night stay): 9,500 yen (10,260 yen tax included)

・If the host should cancel the reservation once made due to his/her own conveniences, the host shall cover the damages that caused to the guest such as already purchased air or train tickets for the stay.

・The payment could change in accordance with circumstances such as consumption tax hike.

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