Foreign Host Families Living in Japan Wanted

Daily Call is seeking foreign families living here to host Japanese visitors. How about becoming a home-stay host family with your spare room at home?

Apply now if you are interested in meeting new people, getting to know more about Japanese people and culture, making friends with, conveying your culture, introducing your favorite cuisine to, and/or learning how to cook Japanese traditional dishes etc.

Your guests are mostly students or adult ladies who are seriously learning English. You can share nice time with your guest(s), talking on variety of topics. Becoming a host family is an excellent way to enrich your life and experience, and create mutual respect between countries.

We are providing one-day short stay and you can accept a visitor only when you are available. The host family is paid minimum 8,000 yen (8,640 yen tax included) per one-night stay with two meals. Host families at any location is welcome but if your place is located close to our present hosts, we might not be able to accept your application. Looking forward to having your quick application.




・ Foreign family living in Japan (Both husband and wife are from foreign countries preferred such as the US, England, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, Germany). *Neither unmarried couples nor singles are eligible.
・ Members of the family must be open to other culture, outgoing and comfortable with new people. Good and lively nature is desireble. * If anyone in your family feels unpleasant about hosting a visitor, please do not apply.
・ Live in a house or large condominium building with spare room(s)
・ Provide a private room with bed (or Japanese futon)
・ Provide cleanly washed sheet and pillow case for a guest to sleep
・ Provide two meals (supper and breakfast) per one-night stay
・ Can set Check-in between 14:00-16:00 in the afternoon, and Check-out 10:00-11:00 in the next morning
・ Interact with student(s) at a comfortable room such as a living room, and share nice time speaking or having meals together during the stay



1)  Contact us via e-mail in@d-call.jp or call us at 03-5933-1650.

2) We'll explain more details via telephone/Skype if you have any questions.

3) If you and Daily Call agree, we'll move forward:
 a) Meet each other face to face at our office or via SKYPE
 b) Provide us further details such as pictures of your house appearance, information of room assignment/floor plan (that can be rough hand drawing)
 c) Let us try visit there. Daily Call staff actually visit and stay your place for a night and try your service in advance. (Service including meals and bed(s) are to be provided free of charge.) During this trial stay, we might take photos, do video shooting for introducing and promoting you. We covers cost for creating ads and promotion.



The host family is paid minimum amount of 8,000 yen (8,640 yen tax included) per one-night stay with two meals. 
・As a deposit, we keep 2,840 yen (tax included) at the time of booking, then we transfer the amount of 2,840 yen (tax included) to the host later in the end of the next month (within four or five weeks) after the guest actually stayed at the host.
・The guest pays the full balance of 5,800 yen (tax included) directly to the host on site.
・If the guest should cancel the stay after paying the deposit, we transfer the maximum amount of 2,840 yen (tax included) from the deposit to the host. The amount of payment in case of cancellation differs depends on when the guest cancels the booking.
・If the guest stays more than one night, the total payment to the host is as follows: For the second night: 9,000 yen (9,720 yen tax included) For the third night (and the subsequent nights per one-night stay): 9,500 yen (10,260 yen tax included)
・If the host should cancel the reservation once made due to his/her own conveniences, the host shall cover the damages that caused to the guest such as already purchased air or train tickets for the stay.
・The payment could change in accordance with circumstances such as consumption tax hike.


About us

Daily Call is the largest telephone language school in Japan, established in July 2000. We have been introduced via variety of medias e.g. noted NHK TV program 'Asa-Ichi' (あさイチ), Fuji-TV, TBS programs, besides NIKKEI newspaper and magazines. Also we are the one of the largest clients for NHK publishing for placing our schools ads on their monthly NHK textbooks more than 200 times so far. Also, one of our manager has been present NHK program regularly for the past years.

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