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I have been teaching English for a very long time now. If you add up the years it would be approximately 8 and 1/2. I lived in Japan two different times. The first time being from 1994 to 1997, when we lived on Atsugi base. NAF Atsugi is the name of the military base where my husband was stationed. He was an F/A-18 fighter pilot in the US Navy. The second time we lived in Japan was from the summer of 2004 until the summer of 2006. We lived on Yokosuka Naval Base during that time. My husband was the Air Boss on the USS Kitty Hawk. While in Japan I taught several English classes in Kamakura, Hyama, Sushi and also private lessons in my home on Yokosuka Base. I was introduced to Dailey Call while living in Yokosuka and began spending some of time in the evening and early mornings teaching English, however it was much more profitable to teach my classes and private lessons. Upon moving back to the US, I contacted Dailey call and stated teaching here from Colorado.