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Hello! My name is Mr. Foston. I am from the east of Scotland in the United Kingdom, but I also lived in England and I have been in Japan since July 2000. I studied English Language and Literature at St. Andrews University, and before coming to Japan I worked as an English teacher at secondary schools in Bristol in the south west of England. I have visited many places in Japan, but I live in Kagoshima where I have been teaching English to adults and children in all sorts of classes. So if you want to use a textbook, practice for a test, learn English for your job or just chat, it is all okay with me! I am married with two children, a daughter aged 8 and a son aged 2. I am very proud to say that both speak English as their first language because we only use English at home, but they speak very good Japanese too. I am very interested in news and current affairs, and I enjoy watching films and TV shows when I have time – my favourites are dramas and comedies from the UK and the USA. So I hope I can help you with your English speaking and listening skills, and talk to you about lots of different things.