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Hello everybody, my name is Ziggy. I am from London, England. I have lived in Japan for ten years. I enjoy living in Japan very much. At university I studied computer science, then I went on to teach maths in UK high schools. Here in Japan I have taught English to many kinds of people from age 2.5 to 70 years old. I have taught in kindergartens, Jukus, Elementary schools, Junior High Schools, High Schools, Universities and Eikaiwa schools. I have taught maths, science, medical English, engineering, TOEFL, IELTS, BULATS, TEAP and TOEIC, travel English, and, of course, daily conversation. You can use a book in your lessons, or I can make materials just for you. Just let me know. I can help you prepare for tests, help your business English, help you prepare for travel or everyday conversation. I believe that English should be interesting, rewarding, and also fun. It shouldn’t be stressful or difficult. In my spare time I enjoy travelling, cooking, reading, watching movies and Zazen. Please come and study English, hopefully I can help you in whatever way you would like.