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Hello! My name is Laurie. I'm from India. I earned my Masters degree in Software Engineering. In my free time I like to dance, draw and cook Indian curries. I have performed solo dance at many places in Tokyo. I have taught English in India for two years. I was an ALT in Junior High School in Saitama. When I was a child, I had a fair share of bad teachers, teachers who didn't care whether we learned or not. Looking at these teachers, I would imagine what I would do if I were in their place. At the same time, we had some really good teachers and these were the teachers who had passion for their subjects. I was excited to attend each session of theirs. In the end, I learned something from both kind of teachers and that's how I got interested in teaching. I get satisfied seeing someone growing better in front of me and that gives me joy that I can't even express. English is not my first language but I've learned English for lot of years now and I can understand the difficulties you have in English because I've had myself. We can have a lot of different kinds of lessons depending on what you need it. I'm here for you, whatever your learning goals are. Thank you!